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How are your tips able to win 80% of the time?

We can't reveal our entire system as others would copy it and use it but in general terms are tips' success is because of our software analysis and the gut feeling of our expert.

How many tips plans do you offer?

We offer three plans - the 2 tips pack which provides oh well, two tips; the 30 tips pack ; and the 2 VIP tips.

What are the benefits of joining

You will eliminate the stress and uncertainty that comes with betting on your own. We'll give you consistent winning tips so all you have to do is please your bets. You'll also save time you used to spend researching matches.

What is the difference between your vip tips and the tips provided in your 2 normal plans?

Our VIP Tips are the best of the best. These are our most accurate tips and offer high rollers a chance to win a lot of money fast.

Are your history records genuine?

Absolutely, while we don't use a third party verification service, our records are all member verified. If we posted fake records our members wouldn't stand for it.

What if I'm not sure your tips service is right for me?

We recommend trying our small plan - you get two tips for a low price. This will allow you to see firsthand the quality of our tips without spending a lot of money or making a long-term commitment.

What if I decide I no longer want to receive your tips?

No problem, you can cancel at anytime. However, we firmly believe that once you see the quality of our tips and understand the money you can win with them that you will want to remain a member.